Bespoke Jewellery

Bespoke design is an inspiring journey for both sides. For example, every bespoke engagement ring has a different story for us, but it's the most memorable thing that happened to you. It would be best if you remembered it as something pleasant and filled with joy and stress-free conversations.

This journey usually starts with sharing your idea or sharing your drawings with us. First, we want you to feel free to share your thoughts, your ideas, and your doubts about the piece you want to create with our team of designers and goldsmiths. Then, we will work hard until that unspecified idea lead by emotion is a finished project.

After the design, you will pick out the metal and the stone and have some time to reconsider other options. Sometimes, we start with a modern engagement ring and finish with a vintage engagement ring. Sometimes you're determined to create a sapphire engagement ring but end up with a diamond and emerald engagement ring. Deciding is a crucial phase, and we will do our best to present the "this is how it will look like" image of the ring we are created together. Once you are happy with what you see, we will start the process of creating magic.

You will be informed about the time we will need until your perfect piece is finished. The "making of" phase usually doesn't take longer than a couple of weeks, sometimes even less. Our jewelers will make sure to go above in beyond so that you can have your unique piece in your hands as soon as possible.

As soon as we finish the piece, we will inform you. This is when you can decide about picking the piece personally (our favorite! We want to see that smile!) or wish to receive your unique jewellery via mail.

The last thing is - you will be informed from the start about how much engagement rings cost. There is no chance that this information will be an unpleasant surprise. Our policy is to be transparent in every single second of the bespoke journey.

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