Diamond Sourcing

Providing our customers the confidence in knowing that our diamonds providence can be assured.

An Eternity diamond has been sourced following the highest standards, not only in quality – but also in social and environmental responsibilities; we uphold that diamond traceability is the best way to ensure both. We are a proud supplier of GIA diamonds – providing you with an accurate, trusted grading of a diamond.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of customers find that perfect stone. We work directly with you, listening to your requirements and after we have sourced a range of perfect diamonds, you can select the diamond you would like utilise in your bespoke jewellery.

Choose your Diamond Cut

Diamonds can be cut in many different ways, producing such varieties as a Round, Brilliant, Princess, Marquise, Pear or Emerald cut to name but a few.

The style and quality of the cut will affect the brilliance and value of your stone.

Why not choose your personal style by clicking on the Diamond Cut from below.

Alternatively contact us where we would be more than happy to help you through the your selection process of buying the diamond.

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Diamond Sourcing