Remake Jewellery

When purchasing jewellery at the Eternity boutique, you will be fully informed about all services you can expect from our side.

Many of the services are free of charge, but some of them will require an additional fee.

Almost all of our services should be used if you wish to take care of your jewellery, especially jewellery remakes.

You will be informed about the time we will need until your perfect piece is finished. The "making of" phase usually doesn't take longer than a couple of weeks, sometimes even less. Our jewelers will make sure to go above in beyond so that you can have your unique piece in your hands as soon as possible.

We will never advise you not to take care of your jewels, and we will always take our time to guide you through the services of remake we offer:

  • Remodelling the worn-out pieces
  • Remodelling of the specific parts (like ring-bands, earring gemstones...)
  • Replacement of the lost diamonds
  • Replacement of the lost gemstones
  • Replacement of the chains (especially if you wish to wear a different chain type with the old pendants)

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